Action teams are small groups of people who, with the support of the Love in Action Committee (LAC), organize activities around specific justice issues or area of social ministry. They're the teams actually performing the different ministeries required to address identified problems, issues, and needs in the community. Typical tasks and habits of an action team include...

  • Recruiting individuals who share a passion for a particular cause and would join the team. 

  • Gathering as a team to pray, discern, and build community

  • Sharing responsibility and leadership

  • Participating in a catholic social teaching formation and community organizing training

  • Choosing one of the seven areas of effective social ministry to guide actions 

  • Creating and implementing a general plan for delivering the service, program, or action that is the focus of the team.

  • Sharing ministry stories to fellow parishioners and invite others to participate in the ministry. 

  • Articulating the connection between the ministry and our faith

  • Regularly communicating with the Love in Action Committe to inform, consult with, and coordinate. 

Continue reading below for information about existing action teams. If you don't see an action team related to the topic you are most passionate about, consider starting one! You will receive all the tools, resources, training, and support you need to help you get started.   

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Mental Health

The Women's Justice Circle for Mental Health focuses on addressing the lack of mental health resources in Spanish, which is also culturally appropriate and affordable. In response to this issue, they have created a mental health resource list, organize educational workshops every first Wednesday of the month at 7 PM, provide financial assitance for counseling, and put on a one-day bilingual mental health conference. Next for the circle is inviting others in the commnity to take an action with them that addresses this issue at the city/county level. 

Contact Person

Monica Vallejos 



Since December 2020, we have been partnering with Family Promise of Tualatin Valley to shelter 1-2 families who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. In addition to shelter, we help families staying in our shelter meet their basic needs so that they can focus on obtaining sustainable housing with their family promise case manager. 

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Prayer Team for Life and Justice 

Coming soon...