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Learning Our Faith Together

“Discovering Christ, always again and always more fully, is the most wonderful adventure of our life.”

– Pope St. John Paul II


Thank you for your interest in family faith formation! We are so grateful for the opportunity to journey with you in your walk of faith.


LOFT is open to all families with children/teens in grades K-12. LOFT has three tracks: K-5, middle school (grades 6-8), and high school (grades 9-12).

Please note: starting in fall 2022, Confirmation preparation will be offered starting in 7th grade.

If a child is not baptized and is 2nd grade or younger, please contact Kathy Reilly for INFANT BAPTISM CLASSES.


Please email Miriam Marston or call (503-639-4179 ext 124) with any questions about family faith formation.


God bless!

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