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St. Anthony Catholic Community offers a wide variety of music ministry opportunities.

From contemporary to traditional our goal is to participate, lead and serve in the Divine Liturgy; the “source and summit” of our lives. We strive to constantly grow in our spiritual lives and musical abilities while retaining the rich tradition of our Church’s history. We turn to God in prayer and ask for strength to be good stewards of this gift he has given us so that we may serve our community in humility and truth, by example and prayer.

Choirs & Ensembles
  • Cantor and Worship Leaders

  • English Contemporary Ensembles

  • English Traditional and Children’s Choirs

  • Spanish Adult and Children’s Choirs

  • Vietnamese Choir

Mission: To become, foster, and grow Dynamic Disciples through Music and Worship

How We Serve

We create a receptive environment for the Holy Spirit, engaging and inviting others more fully into the celebration of liturgy (the proclamation of the gospel in public worship). Members of the ministry share a universal language of music in fellowship with each other and to enhance mass services by lifting the congregation to a shared expression of love for God. 

Why We Serve

We love music, we enjoy making it, and we find joy in service to our church and the Lord. Worship is not performing, it is communicating and outreaching to the parish and helping others to become part of a collective energy. We serve to connect with God and others and to foster a deeper love for the liturgy.

We Need You!

Our team serves many times each week and on weekends. If you have a talent for music and are interested in sharing your talent with the community, we would like to talk with you. Service roles include set-up help, tech duties with the sound system, Choir membership and leading worship during Mass by singing and playing instruments. 

Allisonn O'Neill, Interim Director of Music and Worship

503-639-4179 ext.125

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