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Be a part of this moment in history!

Pope Francis has asked for input from people around the world about the spiritual journey that we're on. This process is open to all, not just church-going Catholics. Please read the questions below that apply to you and submit your responses. Thank you!

Are you a Catholic in Tigard?

  • Q1: What in the church fills me with life? How is the Holy Spirit working in my life
    to deepen my faith and inspire me to be a better disciple and witness of Christ’s
    love to others?

  • Q2: As a community of believers, what experiences of the Catholic Church have
    brought joys or revealed wounds? And how can these experiences help us grow
    together in faith and offer the hope and healing of Christ to the greater
    community in which we live.

  • Q3: As a Catholic community, we are expressly enjoined to invite others into a
    life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ. When we dream about how best to
    accomplish this, what steps is the Holy Spirit inviting the Church in western
    Oregon to take?

Not Catholic? We'd like to hear from you too!

  • Q1: Has the faith community been there for you and/or your family in times of struggle and/or success? What did that support, or lack thereof, look and feel like? What steps could the faith community take to bring hope and healing to the greater community in which you live?

  • Q2: What’s stopping you from connecting more fully with a faith community? What steps can the faith community in western Oregon take to help you in your spiritual journey?

  • Q3: What experience of or in a faith community has filled you with life or inspired you? How has this experience influenced you to be a better servant leader for others?

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