Update from Archbishop Sample : March 16

From the office of Archbishop Alexander K. Sample

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Praised be Jesus Christ! This is by far one of the most difficult communications I have ever written because of the impact it will have on the spiritual and faith lives of so many of us.

Today, March 16, 2020, Governor Kate Brown announced new directives governing the social gathering of people in the State of Oregon. Beginning tomorrow gatherings are not to exceed 25 people for the next four weeks. At the same time, although she did not make it the law, she urged that such gatherings be kept under 10 people. Earlier today, President Trump made a similar recommendation that gatherings not exceed 10 people. I suspect that at some point 10 people will become the law. In light of this, it becomes impossible for us to manage a schedule of Masses in the parishes and missions of the Archdiocese observing this 10 to 25 limit. ....


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