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Summer Vocal Exercises

Here are some simple vocal exercises to help you keep your voice in shape over the summer months and into the fall. I have created a few videos, as well as a few of my favorite vocal resources on Youtube. As with all things on the internet, there is a lot of bad content to sort through, but also some great tools.

Some Basic Guidelines

  1. Try to sing on a regular basis. Maybe consider setting aside at least two times a week to practice your singing muscles. As with any skill, or exercise, the more regularly we do it, the better we will get.

  2. These exercises are just a jumping-off point. Don't forget to sing the music you love. Make sure to apply the principles you practice in the exercises and lessons.

Basic Breathing Exercise

Here are some really simple breathing exercises you can do to keep your diaphragm in shape. Try to get up to 40 seconds or higher...

Resonance Exercise

Here are some great exercises to help with resonance, vowel shape, and consistent sound in your range. They all use the "NG" sound as in sing.

Diaphram Strengthener

A simple exercise that will strengthen your diaphragm and also help build a consistent sound and vocal support.

Breath Support and Range Exercises

Here is a fun little scale to work on. It is a long musical phrase and will take a lot of breath support. Start by humming it, and then move to "ma." You can also try it on "ah," but make sure to keep those notes separate. If you are feeling really brave, try it with buzzing lips. Here are the notes.

Online Vocal Lessons

There is some great free online resource to help you become a better singer. Here are a few that I found very helpful. Happy Singing!

  1. Engaging your Diaphram in 4 lessons with Eric Arceneaux. Don't be fooled by the style of Eric's music, the principles he is addressing in these lessons are universal. LESSON1, LESSON2, LESSON3, LESSON4

  2. Here is another lesson series with Eric Arceneaux. These are some great vocal warm-ups you can do, or at least watch and then apply the principals you learned in other warmups. LESSON1, LESSON2, LESSON3,

  3. This is a channel with over 100 different vocal lessons and warmups. Not all of these will apply to what you are looking for, but there is a lot to learn. The youtube channel is called "New York Vocal Coaching" and you can access a playlist of all the lessons HERE. Scroll through the videos and find one that interests you.

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