New Protocol for COVID-19

A message from Fr. John

Following the advice of our Archbishop, the following protocols therefore are being put into place here at St. Anthony: 1. Anyone 60 years or older is encouraged to consider not attending Mass, since they are the most vulnerable to this virus. They would therefore be dispensed from the obligation to attend. 2. Persons who have underlying medical issues that put them at risk, or persons with compromised immune systems, are asked not to attend Mass. They, likewise, would be dispensed from the obligation to attend mass. 3. Persons not feeling well, no matter how mild the symptoms, are urged not to attend Mass. They also would be dispensed from the obligation. 4. A general dispensation is offered to anyone else in the Archdiocese of Portland who sincerely and seriously think they may be at risk. This dispensation maybe used by anyone of any age. 5. The faithful who are in attendance at Mass are reminded to avoid all physical contact with others and should attempt to keep a safe distance from each other.

CYO has announced that ALL activities are cancelled. I as your Pastor with my leadership team have made the determination that all meetings no matter the size have been cancelled. These cancellations are in effect through April 8th.

All weekend masses are still scheduled, however we must be cautious and follow the guidelines. You are my concern and I am praying for you.

Our church will be open during the week for daily mass and adoration. I am requesting that people keep a safe distance from each other while attending either of these. Our school is also closed.

You are able to access the parish calendar on line at The events that are cancelled are on the calendar in Red and tagged CANCELLED. You will not have to guess if an event or meeting is cancelled.

Our Lenten Reconciliation service scheduled for March 31st has been cancelled. Please know however that Fr. Scott and myself will be available to anyone who needs to talk or wants to go to confession.

I know these times and the measures being implemented may seem frightening. I assure you the measures are in place temporarily. If you have requested a mass said for a loved one it will be celebrated. I and my team are working hard to be sure that your spiritual needs are met and safety protocols are in place. If you have questions or concerns please either call me or email me.

I am here for you.

We have copies of the official signed Dispensation from the Obligation of Attending Mass. My assistant Gerlinde can get you a copy. You can find it on the RESOURCES page of the website in the ABOUT section. Click on the link for Archdiocese of Portland.

I will keep you informed