Eric Stein : Food Box Summer

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Eric and his wife Jean have been members of St. Anthony for 23 years, and they

have been serving our church community with help and support from the beginning. Over the years, Eric has helped by becoming a charter member of a committee to upgrade campus-wide computer systems, serving as Eucharistic Minister for many years, helping with repairs and installation for Stations of the Cross and many other activities.

This year is no different. Despite the many changes and uncertainties bright by Covid-19, Eric has continued to offer his time and talents wherever they are needed. Having summers off as a Bus Driver during the school year, Eric stepped into a full-time volunteer role managing and distributing free food boxes from our campus. This program was in conjunction with the USDA and Pacific Coast Fruit Company, handing out hundreds, and sometimes thousands of boxes per day to people in need.

Eric’s role included supervision of the whole process. Four days a week he would arrive early and leave late after the last volunteer had gone home. Eric would set up supplies, signage and equipment for volunteers every day. He oversaw traffic flow and parking logistics, managed inventory, and made arrangements for safe storage to preserve leftover boxes.

This is what Eric has to say about the experience

“I was initially hesitant to take on this task with what was going on in my life but once I took it on I really enjoyed it. It is clearly about the people and their needs. It is a basic of our faith to help others in need. The feedback I got from the customers and St. Anthony leadership was extremely rewarding.“

Eric also shared that the most rewarding part of this experience was communicating with the people as they drove through the line and getting to know the volunteers. They would talk to him about how the program helped them in a time of need, and how being a part of the program affected them personally.

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