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Diane Bohan : Community Café

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Diane has been a member of the parish since 1982. Her cup overflows into many ministry areas, and she serves wherever help is needed. Her current role in the Community Café is an amazing example of what it means to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, spreading hope as his dynamic disciple.

Diane’s long history of service includes a variety of roles, both large and small, that have made a big impact on our parish and our community. These roles include things like membership on the Pastoral Council 2008-16 and the Capital Campaign for the Parish Center 2011–14. She has been a Sunday School helper, a coordinator and volunteer for the Homebound ministry, a helper to her husband as Treasurer for St. Vincent DePaul, an organizer of school supply backpack drives, and an active member of the Catholic Daughters at St. Anthony. We should all be so generous with our time and talents!

Today we are celebrating her role helping to coordinate the St. Anthony Community Café, which feeds hot fresh meals to the hungry every Sunday evening in Jack Ryan Hall on our campus. Diane started serving the Community Café in 2008 and has overseen it’s growth from a basement pantry operation with a few volunteers to a full-grown dinner service with 8-9 crews of volunteers and partnership with the Oregon Food Bank to provide 100+ meals each week. She is responsible for all of the food acquisitions and communicates with the Captains of each crew to suggest a menu and determine extra supplies needed from local stores.

Diane says, “The Community Café has always welcomed anyone who has come for a meal with compassion, dignity, and respect. We serve in the spirit of social justice and charity. Anyone needing a meal is welcome to come to the location we are serving starting at 5:30 pm and they will receive a meal for everyone in their family.”

Since the Covid-19 crisis began in March, the team has transitioned to serving to-go meals for people to take home. They currently serve 50-100 guests with 1-2 meals each week as supplies allow. Many of their guests have become regulars, and relationships play a key role in the purpose of the ministry. Diane and her crew provide a welcoming environment as part of the Community Café mission statement. The guests express great appreciation and often let the chiefs know they prepared a wonderful meal. Some of their dinners include hamburgers, pasta and meatballs, tacos, pulled pork sandwiches and chicken orzo casserole.

Does this sound like something you would like to get involved in? The Community Café needs your help. Please consider joining a food crew or donating to offer financial support. Everyone has been impacted by Covid-19 and resources are shrinking. In recent months, there has not been enough food to provide meals for everyone who comes, and more crew members are needed. Please consider donating to help with the purchase of packaging materials, bread and fresh produce items in the quantity of 100. Food crews also need more people with food-handlers licenses who would like to help prepare meals.

Please consider getting involved today!

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