for those in need

Opening at 12:00 NOON

FRIDAY December 11 and 18
TUESDAY, December 22 and 29.

(Limit one box per person.)

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St. Anthony joins an effort to fight hunger 

From the Portland Archdiocese:

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips Oregon, many are struggling to meet their basic needs and adjust to rapidly changing access to everything from grocery stores to medical attention. And for about 400,00 now-jobless Oregonians, being able to afford food is now a reality. Many others struggle with isolation and can't travel to their local grocery store. The USDA food box program ensures that lack of financial resources, transportation, isolation and grocery store scarcity do not create a barrier to fresh food.
In order to expedite the delivery of food to Oregonians as quickly and efficiently as possible, USDA has partnered with Pacific Coast Fruit to provide 275,000 food boxes per month. In order to make that happen, Pacific Coast Fruit has partnered with the Archdiocese of Portland to distribute those boxes to the needy of our state.   Three varieties of food boxes will be available through June 30, 2020. If the program is successful, USDA may elect to extend the program depending upon program success and available remaining funds. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who may receive a free USDA Food Box?
There is no requirement to prove need. This USDA Food Box program ensures that lack of transportation, isolation and grocery store scarcity do not create a barrier to fresh food.
How do I arrange to pick up a Food Box for my family?
Simply find the closest Public Distribution Location listed. No appointment necessary. Please arrive between the distribution times listed for each location. Quantities may be limited, so arrive early.
What are the contents of the three different boxes?
The weight of each box is approximately 20-25 pounds. Dimensions are 16x12x10 and contain:
DAIRY          Eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, cheddar cheese & jack cheese
PRODUCE   Apples, oranges, strawberries, potatoes, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, carrots
COMBO        Deli ham & turkey, milk, cheddar& jack cheese, carrots, apples, celery, lettuce, tomatoes

Do I have a choice in selecting a specific type of box?
Each of the three types of food boxes is randomly available and changes each week. Please note that all of this food is temperature controlled for safety, and must be kept out of the temperature danger zone.

How boxes will St. Anthony distribute?
We will have up to 1000 food boxes available Mondays and Thursdays on our campus in Tigard. Pacific Coast Fruit Company and their distribution network are positioned to distribute over 90,000 food boxes every WEEK thoughout Western Oregon. 

Is it possible to pick up more than one box for seniors or neighbors?
Depending on our daily supply, some days may limit guests to one box per car and other days may allow for multiple boxes. Our goal is to help as many people as possible. Many families plan on identifying home-bound neighbors, friends in need & senior care facilities... and delivering boxes to their door.

How long will this USDA Farmers to Families program run?
The USDA has extend the program with limited distribution through August. 

How can I help volunteer at St. Anthony Parish?
Contact our office to work out schedule and availability.